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The Biggest Mistakes You're Making at Online Agen Poker

If you are not taking money off the table every day playing online agen poker, then you are making one or more costly mistakes that are literally cleaning out your players account. Keep a close eye on these poker mistakes most players make and you not only will turn around your fortunes, you can sport when others are making these mistakes and then take advantage by separating them from their chips.


Turn off that chat room feature at the poker site. The more you waste chatting about bad beats and poor hands, the more likely that you are going to be distracted and miss key opportunities to strike at other players. Focus on pot odds or player tells, these are the things that are going to help grow your bankroll.


Break that habit of flashing your hole cards to other players at the online poker table. The only thing you are going to do is either piss off another player so they come after you, or you give away too much free information and the whole table will eventually come after you. Regardless if you pulled off a huge bluff or laid down a huge hand, stop flashing those hole cards immediately.


Learn to break up patterns in your play. If you get too comfortable playing, you are going to start betting in patterns. This means you fold at the sign of any raise, you check the blinds always, and you check if an ace hits the board. Learn to start mixing up the way you bet and how fast you bet so that no other players are able to identify tells.


Once you identify that you are making one or more of these mistakes, you will be in the best position to start improving your play and becoming the best Agen poker player you could be.

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