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Apply the Pressure Next Time You Play Situs Online Poker

     If you want to really grow your situs online poker bankroll quickly, you have to be willing to mix things up from time to time. The following plays are aggressive and will definitely have the rest of the table on their heels.

1. Keep a close eye for the weak player at the online poker table. When you see this player folding their blinds to any raises, then you step in and push the action from there. Raise each time you have the button before the flop to scoop those pots. If you get the rare call, simply drop and even bigger continuation bet to take the pot down. 

2. Don't be timid when you see the ace hit the board. Chances are good no one connected, so make them all believe it made your hand stronger. Drop a big enough bet that they will have to make a decision for a huge chunk of their chips and will often fold to do battle on another hand. Just keep scooping those pots.

3. If you get to the river and the bettor is dropping tiny bets and stops becasue the draw made it, time to push everyone off their hands. The bettors already had hands and didn't want to see the draw make it, so they all stop betting. Here is your chance to bet huge and push them all away. If you make the bet for all their chips, no one wants to have to deal with a bad beat for all their money, so they let you have it.

If you make these plays and are successful, log off for the day and go back to your regular play for a while so no one can assume that was how you always play. break this out when you are at a new table with new players and need a boost in your bankroll.

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